Sales tax ruined my day.

Apparently, it’s monsoon season and no one warned me. It’s literally rained every single day I’ve been here. And the forecast doesn’t look good for this week. Lame. This new-found weather problem really puts a damper on my weekend plans to lay at the pool. So I went shopping.

First, my GPS told me to take two wrong turns. The good thing about Charlotte, it’s not that big. And it’s not that busy. BUT, the drivers are horrible. No one is actually from here, which may be why. After two u-turns, I was on my way again.

I got to the Southpark Mall to find the strangest parking situation I’ve ever seen. It was Friday at 2pm. What in the world were so many people doing at the mall? And why is the parking underneath the stores? After I navigated the maze of one-ways and 80 year olds, I found a parking spot.

The mall was huge. It’s built a lot like an outdoor shopping area, with a roof. It was weird. Why can’t they just make it a two or three level square? Or rectangle? Instead it’s spread out. And in the same mall as Body Central and Pink & Blue, turn the corner and you will find Cartier and Louis Vuitton. WTF? That’s all I could think. Over and over.

Then there’s sales tax. That really ruins shopping. My new watch, over 50% off (!!!!) had over $5 in sales tax! Talk about raining on my parade.

Don’t think I’ll be shopping much down here. Lesson learned.


About LissaFarrell

Professional tourist moonlighting as a marketing professional.
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