Oh, the places we’ll go!

We’ve booked all of our travel. Here are some of the highlights:

August (we hit the road the last week of the month)

Knoxville, Houston, Dallas


Minneapolis, Denver, Salt Lake City, Yellowstone, Seattle, Victoria (British Columbia)


San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, The Grand Canyon, Tempe, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Santa Fe


Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Austin, Shreveport, Little Rock, St. Louis, Chicago


Chicago, Indianapolis


New Orleans

We haven’t planned much of what we’re going to do in each city yet (aside from a few NFL, NHL and MLB games), so we are open to suggestions!


About LissaFarrell

Professional tourist moonlighting as a marketing professional.
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One Response to Oh, the places we’ll go!

  1. Tiny Francisco says:

    WOW…how exciting! You will be busy, I see a lot of miles in your future! Take Care, enjoy and really take it all in, what a fun and exciting opportunity and job!

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