Sleepless in Seattle.

It’s true. I was sleepless in Seattle. I’m not sure if it’s all of the amazing coffee I was drinking, the time change or the public library’s parking entrance warning “CAUTION: CAR EXITING!” that made me a complete insomniac in Seattle. Luckily, there’s a Starbucks on every corner – so I was able to refuel and see everything Seattle has to offer.

First stop, CenturyLink Field. Packers @ Seahawks. Monday Night Football. Replacement Refs… The first of three games at this stadium in one week for this lady… (also attended Stanford @ Washington and Oregon @ WSU)

The craziest game in the history of the NFL.

I’ve never been to such a loud environment in my life. When Golden Tate  Greg Jennings made that final catch, I’m pretty sure I felt the ground shake. It may have been from the rather large, drunk man jumping up and down next to me… but I’ve heard stories about this stadium registering on the Richter Scale and I can see why.

We enjoyed some drinks at a few bars nearby and celebrated with the people of Seattle. Complete with an arm wrestling match (which turned into paper-rock-scissors) and a Packer fan tried to beat up a Seahawk fan. She (Packers) was all of 5’4″ and he (Seahawks) was roughly 6’8″. Needless to say, her boyfriend had no chance when he tried to stand up for her…

The next place on the list: Space Needle.






Would I go to the Space Needle again? Probably not. It is what it is. I actually enjoyed the views of Seattle from CenturyLink Field a lot more, as you can see the skyline, Space Needle, Puget Sound and the piers… BUT by going to the Space Needle we also purchased tickets to see the Chihuly exhibit and gardens.

For those of you who don’t know, Dale Chihuly is an amazing artist who’s developed his own technique for hand blown glass. His installations are all over the world (for those back home his pieces at Target HQ and Mayo Clinic are stunning). Let’s take a moment just to appreciate.








Seriously. Pictures don’t even remotely do this justice.






So if you’re ever in Seattle, skip the Space Needle. Walk next door and spend a long time walking through the Chihuly exhibit, gardens and watch the movie at the end.

I continued my tourist ways by spending the entire next day at Pike’s Market.

I love markets like this. Musicians performing in open areas, odds and ends for sale everywhere, fresh food… I find something about it extremely comforting and exciting at the same time.

This particular market also has the original Starbucks. Which is like a Mecca to all of us who love Cinnamon Dolce Lattes, Pumpkin Spice everything and just a good old cup of joe.

Yes, I stood in line for like 20 minutes just to order a latte. Don’t judge me. It was from the original Starbucks. It was worth the wait.






Some things that surprised me about Seattle: the hills, homeless people, traffic/parking… I loved the markets and piers as well as the views of the mountains and the sound, but it was time to move on. A week was a little too long for me, I literally was at CenturyLink Field more than my own apartment in the past 3 months… onwards and upwards.

This week we’re in the Bay Area. Staying in Mill Valley most of the week, then heading to Berkeley to stay for the game this weekend.


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