Thar She Blows!

Mt. St. Helen’s in the background

I, like most people, have an odd fascination with natural disasters. We started the drive from Seattle, WA to San Francisco, CA and it’s not many times (if ever) in your life that you get the opportunity to visit this part of Washington. It took some convincing, but we drove the extra 50 miles out of the way to see Mt. St. Helen’s.

The landscape is incredible. The way the lava carved the earth and places where it hardened, it’s just amazing to see the things nature can do. Mt. St. Helen’s is still active, there are pockets where you can see steam rising and the dome where the mountain blew has continued to replaced itself. Now 7% of that portion has been rebuilt, you can see that portion in the center of the crater.







The entire landscape down the mountainĀ contains a vast spread grey lava that still has shows the signs of the movement and flow from 30 years ago. The National Forestry Service has since spread 10,000 tons of soil and seed over the area to help regrowth and provide an area for elk to live and eat.

There are also still signs of the fires that burned through the forests, visible throughout the entire 50 mile drive to the summit.

Another thing I did not know about this area, was that it is considered Big Foot Country.

We never saw Squatch himself, but we were fortunate to stop at a Big Foot gift store, where this statue is located. Tucked in the mountains, the shack houses apparel as well as photos and other evidence from people who go ‘Squatchin in these hills. Stifling laughter was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. They take their ‘Squatchin seriously here.


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One Response to Thar She Blows!

  1. Tiny says:

    Love following your travels, what an experience! And to think you are even getting paid! You might even be home when the wild (NHL) get back on the ice!

    Enjoy your travels

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