My Open Love Letter To…

It’s time I got something off my chest… I LOVE UTAH! There. I said it… I feel better now.

Honestly, I have been in Utah four times now – it’s been sunny and hot, warm and fall-like, snowy and freezing – and I loved every single minute of it. I’ve driven through almost the entire state now, really… it’s true. I’ve stayed in Salt Lake City, Provo, Salt Lake City again and finally Park City.

And so I begin, my love letter to Utah.

Dear Utah,

The first time we met, I knew something was different about you. Even from the highways I could see your true beauty. Your winding roads, pine forests and mountains were all you needed to seduce me. It was your unique landscapes as we continued west that began to steal my heart.

While driving around on the Bonneville Salt Flats and exploring Antelope Island, I was truly smitten. As I met your people and explored your cities, the feeling of comfort and home started to really boil up from the depths of my heart and soul. Then I went to a game at BYU…

LaVell Edwards Stadium, BYU

Fall colors, football and snow-capped mountains. Now, if I could just get a beer and caffeine inside the stadium, I would move to Provo in a heartbeat and buy season tickets. My love for you, Utah, will always be second to my love of Diet Coke (not caffeine free).

As we continued through the mountains to Colorado, I couldn’t focus on reading my book (Mockingjay, in case you’re wondering) because I couldn’t take my eyes off your fall colors. But when you really won me over, is when I drove up through the mountains and stopped in Park City.

It was your first snowstorm of the season. I was driving through the darkness, scattered with light flecks of snow that eventually turned into a full blown storm. I arrived at my hotel, complete with a cozy cottage feel, not often found on the road. When I woke, I walked through Main St. and grabbed breakfast at quaint coffee shop.

Main Street, Park City.

Some may think that I’m crazy, especially considering I’ve been to most of the Western United States at this point, but love is crazy. Those who know me well know I would take the trees and mountains over the beach most days of the week. I like small towns with character just as much as I like big cities. This is where you, Utah, are truly unique. Salt Lake City has the charm of a small town with all the luxuries of a big city, and it’s set in the mountains. Plus, a lake that seems to go on for days.

Unfortunately, our love can never be. I need to live in a place where I can openly enjoy dancing on a weekly basis, accompanied by drinks, without restrictions based upon old traditions and beliefs. I don’t want to have a lot (if any) children, and I especially don’t want to raise them where women are willingly and happily treated as subordinate. I know you and your people are happy in their ways, I’ve seen and heard it in my travels – but that is not a life for this woman.

But don’t fret, Utah. I will visit you as often as I can, to continue our love affair.

Yours truly,



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2 Responses to My Open Love Letter To…

  1. Lea Ann Thielman says:

    Oh my my, I think your home state is so green with jealousy. That is ok, it will be just our little secret.

    Make it a great day. Sent from my iPhone.

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