I’m in Miami *BLEEP*

I apologize for the tardiness of the next few posts. I’ve lived in Chicago now for six weeks, and traveled and had events four out of those six weeks. Unfortunately, I got behind on writing.

My first trip for an event was to Miami, South Beach specifically. The sand, the sun and the water were a perfect escape from the winter blues – but man, that place is crazy. Not in a good way.


this has not been photoshopped

I do love the architecture in South Beach, the palm trees, the people watching… They say New York is the city that never sleeps, but from what I saw, Miami doesn’t either.



I enjoyed the drinks and the food, though I don’t eat seafood – which made it difficult at times to find something on a menu. Mostly, I just enjoyed the sun. A little too much. I’m afraid I won’t get rid of these tan sunburn lines until August. Wearing a racerback tank top during event set up, was a bad idea in retrospect.

The race had some very fun ties to the Latin cultures in Miami, including the live band, and the dancers and drummers for the winners’ parade.


And because I believe the cup is half full… as painful as it was to wake up at 4am to go to work, it meant I was able to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean.



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