Bright Lights, Big City

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This post is delayed (SHOCKER). I’ve been traveling pretty much 100% since the end of February and have had very little time to update this blog.

After Miami, I took my first trip to the Big Apple. I was floored as we flew over Manhattan on our way to land at LaGuardia.

551910_10152644881090551_1552584962_nThis was my first time to NYC and I had all of maybe four hours to explore before the work set in. I walked for those entire four hours until my feet hurt and I forced myself to go sit down and have a meal.

I walked from our hotel (Distrikt… awesome little boutique hotel near Times Square and the Port Authority) to Times Square first. Then ventured north to Central Park.

Strawberry Fields @ Central Park

Strawberry Fields @ Central Park

It was a rather chilly day, which actually worked in my favor for the amount of walking I was doing. On the way to Central Park, I walked past CNN, Late Night with David Letterman, Columbus Circle and Trump Tower. (Trump Tower trumps all)

Central Park is really an incredible place. I cannot wait to go back to New York to explore the park even more. After my attempt at shopping (too distracted by the city) I went back south. I knew the general direction of Empire State Building, Rockafeller Plaza, NBC and Radio City Music Hall were all in that direction.

Stalking Brian Williams

Stalking Brian Williams

Rockafeller Plaza

Rockafeller Plaza

Empire State of Mind.

Empire State of Mind.









I had no idea that I was going to walk past the magnificent Bryant Park (NYC Fashion Week site) and the NYC Public Library (also known as the site where Big left Carrie on her wedding day… jerk).


I continued to walk until my feet were throbbing, so naturally I bought a new pair of shoes and carried on until I found a good spot to stop for dinner. When my coworker got to the hotel we walked back to Times Square to see the lights at night.


I was absolutely speechless. We stood in amazement for at least 3o minutes. Everything is such a spectacle, and the people watching is incredible. Definitely a highlight of my year so far.

Though the next few days brought a lot of long work hours, we were able to still catch a few sights. Near one our event locations was the amazing Flat Iron Building.

599084_10152650623885551_347266870_nI mean, come on. I could stand and stare at that building for days and not get bored.

Then, the main site for our event was the enormous Flushing Meadows Park, located in Queens.

You may remember it from such fils an n Black…

Flushing Meadows circa 2013.

Flushing Meadows circa 2013.

Flushing Meadows in MIB.









Doesn’t ring a bell? How about the always sweet New Year’s Eve…


Panoramic of NYC circa 2013.

Panorama of NYC circa 2013.

NYC Panorama in NYE.










Still not jogging your memory? It’s also where Arthur Ashe Stadium (US Open) is located. The NY Mets also play nearby. That’s all I got. I’m sure there are many more references to this bizarre park in pop culture.

We were fortunate (and unfortunate) that due to a misguided GPS our set up team was delayed by an hour. The lovely staff at the Queens Museum of Art, located on the west side of the park, let us in for free and allowed us to explore the Panorama. I understand that you may never, ever be in Queens for any reason – BUT – if you are, or if you have a rental car, I HIGHLY suggest checking this park and museum out. It’s not far from either airport, though it is only a couple of miles from LaGuardia.

My favorite meal (not because of the food) was at the Skyroom Times Square. The yellow ledge made us research what we had walked past on the way home the night before. With stunning views of Manhattan, I highly recommend stopping in for a cocktail and apps if you’re near Times Square at night.


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