The Fours (not to be confused with The Force)

I need to get back in the habit of writing on a regular basis… Following the trip the NYC, I had a two week hiatus from Chicago. (Can we call it a hiatus? I feel like I’ve been gone more than I’ve been here sometimes…)

The first leg of this trip took me to the majestic metropolis of Atlanta… Kidding. But I did  go to Atlanta, for the first of the Fours – the Final Four. I saw very little of the city of Atlanta, but I had great time at all of our events and the games.

The highlights included listening to Dick Vitale speak at dinner on Friday and partaking in the Mayhem Photo Booth at the brunch on Sunday. Dickie V is a great storyteller, funny and a very nice man. His wife was equally sweet and I loved watching them interact.

We’re besties now.

Playing around with Testing the Mayhem Photo Booth with my coworkers led to a stomach ache from laughter… I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

photo booth 1photo booth 2photo booth 3

We have fun at work… which brings me to the lowest point of this trip (or any other trip to date). Our night out in East Atlanta. The only part of this story you need to know is that there was a shower in the bathroom. In a bar.

Moving on…

final four

National Championship Game

Following Championship Monday, I packed up and took a plane to the glorious and thriving Pittsburgh. (Get jealous.)

In defense of Pittsburgh, that was one of the most beautiful drives into a city I’ve ever experienced. The bridges and the skyline… Well done city planners, well done. I was sent to this city for my favorite event to date, the Frozen Four. Like the other Four, we didn’t have a ton of free time for sight seeing. But, we did have the benefit of a day off in between the semi-finals and the championship. My favorite part of this day off was going for dinner at a place called The Church.

church 1

It is literally a church turned into a brewery.

Yes, this is sacrilegious. Yes, this is probably offensive to a lot of people. And yes, the beer was heavenly. (See what I did there?)

Honestly, this was one of the most unique places I’ve ever enjoyed a beer and dinner. We sat in pews and drank beers like “Celestial Gold,” “Pipe Organ Pale Ale,” and “Pious Monk.” The pierogies were downright sinful. (Sorry, I can’t help myself…)

church 3church 4

These pictures really don’t do it justice… They’ve kept all of the stained glass and transformed the altar into a microbrewery… Please don’t hate me for loving this.

frozen 1If that picture doesn’t excite you, stop reading here and we’ll catch up with you next time. I’m from the land of 10,000 lakes, also known as the State of Hockey. Like the anthem played at all Minnesota Wild home games “The game’s in our blood and our blood’s in the gaaaaaammmmeeee….” the game is truly in the blood of most Minnesotans. I love this sport. I especially love this sport, like I do most sports, on the collegiate level. Yes, I got upset to see the only Minnesota team, St. Cloud State University, lose to Quinnipiac University – BUT – what a story for this tiny school. This was the first National Championship game, in any sport, for this school. It would’ve been cool if they won…

Yale celebrating their National Championship win.

Yale celebrating their National Championship win.

Next time I’m at this event, the Minnesota Gophers better be there. Or we’ll have beef Don Lucia, more beef that we already do…


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