Sunburns and Superfans.

My staycations and vacations ended… My suitcase was gathering dust… So when a month that was intended to only have 5 travel days in it, turned to a month with over three straight weeks of travel and events, I didn’t complain. Not only did I get to go to Philadelphia (it was actually sunny for the first time I’ve ever seen) for the NCAA Lacrosse Championships, I was asked to help at the Mexico vs. Nigeria soccer match in Houston and had the Chicago 13.1 marathon. It was a month filled with a lot of sunshine, superfans and Spanish.

My first stop for the whirlwind three weeks was the city of brotherly love, and a city that I’ve grown to love… KIDDING I really could never go back there and be okay with that… Philadelphia. Like every other time I’ve been to Philly in the past few months, it was raining when I arrived. Downpour is probably more like it. This was one instance I was really happy we had to use union labor for our set up and I could handle other things, things inside, where it was dry, important things I assure you. Our first night in town also led us to a few local water holes, one of which was hosting a few people I hadn’t seen in awhile. I used to work for a professional lacrosse team, the Minnesota Swarm, so this event meant reuniting with some former and current players.

Thank Obama Al Gore Leonardo DiCaprio heaven that the rain clouds dissipated and the sun attempted to warm the fans at Lincoln Financial Field. It was a chilly first day, but we had our A-Team on hand and found ways to keep warm. We are fortunate to work with some really great temp staff that come around the country to work at our events. I’ve worked in four states with a handful of these girls now, creating a tight knit family to make being away from home a lot easier.

the girls

mayhem photos










The clouds did finally go away (this Irish lass had the tan lines to prove it) and our event went far better than anyone expected. With great matchups and great weather, lacrosse fans flocked to Philly to support their teams. Prior to the Division II and III championships, a handful of guests (including yours truly) were treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of Lincoln Financial Field. Did you know that the Philadelphia Eagles are the only team with NO carbon footprint? Between their wind energy and solar panels, we learned that the Eagles could power 600,000 single-family homes for a year. They don’t just wear green folks, they live it. How great is that?

field view

View from the sideline before halftime.

I went home to Chicago for one day to recover before heading to Houston for the Mexico vs. Nigeria soccer match. I wish I had been able to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare for what this event would be like to attend. No hablo espanol. Like none. I know how to ask for the bathroom and more beer. That’s it. My brain actually hurt when I got home from this trip.

First things first, HOW DOES ANYONE LIVE IN HOUSTON? It’s like a huge sauna. It’s always hot and very, very humid. When you sweat standing still, something is wrong. It was easy for me to be excited about this event, despite the disgusting amount of sweat that I was about to encounter.

Reliant Stadium getting ready for some futbol.

Reliant Stadium getting ready for some futbol.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about what our multicultural marketing team does at these matches, what it’s like to go to a Futbol Fiesta (it’s loud like really, insanely LOUD and people wear goofy outfits) and what a professional soccer match is like (also insanely LOUD). It was little odd feeling like a foreigner in your own country, but what an eye-opening experience that is in and of itself.

Our multicultural account team, along with other account teams, showed me how to really let loose after an event. So much so, I actually thought about never drinking again after my still drunk hungover flight home in the morning. That lasted about a week.


Just a taste of what my farmer’s tan looked like after Philadelphia….




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