Summertime and the living’s easy

Press play.

Houston was a great way to kick off June, (see here) the rest of the month did not disappoint…

The NCAA Spring Championships were wrapping up, we had just one more 13.1 marathon until fall and that happened to be taking place at Jackson Park on Chicago’s South Side. The South Shore Cultural Center, the location that hosted the Obama’s wedding, created a beautiful backdrop for the starting line and the finish line festival.

Chicago's South Shore Cultural Center

Chicago’s South Shore Cultural Center

It is truly a shame that this beautiful park, golf course and site of so many famous events has fallen victim to a lot of the same issues seen all over the South Side. With a little TLC this area could host large caliber events again… But then again, my cabbie didn’t even want to drop me off in that neighborhood.

Because I believe that the cup is always half full… And because I was forced to be awake at 4am… this happened…

Sunrise over Lake Michigan.

Sunrise over Lake Michigan.

And this one too…

Lake Michigan. Again.

Lake Michigan. Again.

It was a long few weeks and after the most glorious nap, it was time to go out with my coworkers. Chicago has a large selection of restaurants that offer BYOB. With a case of beer and a bottle of wine in hand, it was time to settle down for some sushi. Chicago also has numerous bars that don’t close (at all) until 5am. So that’s 2 days in a row of seeing 5am.

After one full day of recovery (stop judging… or maybe you’re just jealous?), I saw 5am yet again and boarded a plane for Connecticut. Not much to say about Connecticut. Other than that knocks another state off my list of states to see (down to 9. BOOM.) and that playing a long game of Marry, F**k, Kill with your coworkers in the hotel lobby can cause face and stomach pains. And just to end your curiosity – we would all marry Beyonce, f**k Rihanna and kill J-Lo. Sorry J-Lo.

There was an awesome moment though while driving back to LaGuardia. With the Manhattan skyline on my right, “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z (sorry Hova, it’s now Jay Z right? Or is it Mr. Carter? Can I just call you Shawn?) came on the car radio. To my boss’s delight, I turned that jam up and did my best Alicia Keys impersonation.


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