Passing the Torch.

This week kicked off the official start to our college football tours. Like all of our programs, we go to the Garden State (seriously, why is it called that?) to learn the set up, and in this case pack the vans for the tour.

One year ago, I was packing up my van and heading on tour. I remember being incredibly excited and overwhelmingly freaked out at the same time. I put my 80 lbs. suitcase in the van we hit the road. This year, I was helping to teach the new tour staff how to set up our equipment and the best ways to pack the vans.

It’s not all work, though. It is also one last time to get to know those of us who work in the office. Fortunately for all of us, the two girls going out on the tours have worked with our account already. For dinner one Wednesday, we stopped in Philly for some Tony Luke’s before crossing the state line. We all shared cheesy fries (made with Easy Cheese, naturally) and pizza fries and sweet potato fries… It was a food coma in the making. After dinner on Thursday night, we decided to go on a mission for fro-yo.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to New Jersey, but there’s a lot more corn and open fields than gardens, buildings and people. It’s surprisingly empty. Thank God Steve Jobs for Siri, because she has us on our way in no time. After what felt like 30 minutes of driving through the middle of nowhere, we saw a roadside ice cream shop and gave up on the mission to be healthy.

Highlight of New Jersey.

Highlight of New Jersey.

Orange sherbet-vanilla soft serve heaven. My life was changed. Those are their small cones. HEAVEN. They were closed, but I pressed my face to glass and said please (did I mention I was drinking high gravity beer at dinner?). It worked. They opened back up for us. HEAVEN. We called up the boys and had them meet us at a little bar across the street for a couple of beers before we called it a night. We left in the morning and I made one last stop for a tasty treat at my favorite gas station – WaWa.

East Coast treats.

East Coast treats.

This week I will meet one of the tours in Dallas for the Cowboys Classic (LSU vs. TCU) and I’m excited to see how the first week on the road has treated them. After that, I will return for Chicago for a couple of days before I head to Nashville for meetings for the NCAA Women’s Final Four (yeah, we’re gearing up for NCAA Championships already!) then I’m back for a few days before my first trip to Boston. After Boston, my next trips will be Atlanta, New Orleans and back to Dallas… all before Halloween.


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