Back where it all began…

Four trips in four weeks. How did I travel 100% for so long? I’ve lost my stamina, I think. Or maybe driving takes less out of you than flying? Yeah, that’s it.

After New Jersey, I refreshed at home in Chicago, grabbed some clean underwear and hopped on a plane south. Specifically, Dallas. AKA the hottest place on earth at the end of August.

I caught up with my cousins in Arlington for dinner the first night I was in town. I love getting to see friends and family on the road, especially ones who live so far away. Catching up with them was great, plus the Tex-Mex we ate at Lupe’s was even better!

Yep. We're related.

Yep. We’re related.

I wish I could say that I love this place. I’ve been there enough that I know there are areas I like a lot more than others. Case in point, downtown Ft. Worth. We had events at SMU and Cowboys Stadium, but decided to stay in Ft. Worth. Though the driving distance was longer, I did not complain about our hotel location.

Shout out here to SMU for an AWESOME tailgating scene. The Boulevard was huge and such a beautiful setting for pre-gaming (no, I did not get to partake). Plus, I think it’s adorable that the girls where white dresses with brown cowboy boots and the boys wear white polos/oxfords and khakis. You know who the SMU fans are, but they look like they could be going to an all-white barn dance. LOVED IT. It was roughly 103 degrees though. GROSS ME OUT. Following our event at SMU, I was fortunate to head to dinner with our client, agency partners and a few others. Dinner at Bonnells was incredible. You need to check this place out if you are in Ft. Worth.

Being back in the land of cowboy boots, belt buckles and Jerry Jones can only mean one thing this time of year… Football.

AT&T Stadium.

AT&T Stadium.

It doesn’t matter how much time I spend at Jerry World, I will never stop being amazed. This place is incredible. And still incredibly annoys me. WHY CAN’T I JUST WALK AROUND THE STADIUM???? The ticket gates are in the most inconvenient locations!

It was roughly 106 degrees during our event this year, but we got smarter and learned from last year’s mistakes. We invested in a misting fan. What a life saver.

LSU dominated TCU (you’re shocked I’m sure), but we had a great time and executed a fantastic halftime promotion. You may have seen me run on the field with a large barrel, then have the refs put time back on the clock… Trying to run off the largest stage I’ve ever been on, carrying a water barrel full of footballs, with 2 refs screaming at me, on live television…. Highlight of my professional career. Can this skill be added to a resume? I freaking hope so.

View from the Miller Lite Club.

View from the Miller Lite Club.

It never stops being amazing.

It never stops being amazing.











I still have to write about my trips to Nashville and Boston, and hope to knock those out before my two week stint on the road soon (ATL -> NOLA -> LOU -> LEX).

Keep on keeping on. And enjoy my current favorite tune.


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