And that’s why it’s called Rock-tober.

It’s really November, 9th huh? Wow. Time flies when you’re having fun…

October came and went faster than you can spell Matthew McConaughey (I usually give up and just spell it Matthew McConadfkdjafkhsgjkhhey). Speaking of that skeezefest, I went to Dallas Buyers Club last night with some girlfriends. Recommend it, but bring some tissues. And confession: I’m watching Magic Mike as I write this.

Enough with the sidebars, eh? October was so insane, fun and overwhelming, I’ve decided to break it into at least four blogs. For serious. I went to Atlanta, New Orleans, Louisville, Lexington, Dallas, Minnesota and my parents came to gallivant around the Windy City. I got tired just trying to remember all of that. And yes, I had to look at a calendar to confirm those locations. Don’t judge me, I haven’t finished my coffee yet.

Atlanta. Where October began like a shot out of hell. I don’t love Atlanta, but every time I’m there I am finding new things to like about the city. During this trip, we stayed at the Hotel Indigo in Midtown – across from the famous Fox Theatre. One of my favorite things  about staying at a Hotel Indigo is that they decorate each hotel with local flavor. The one in Waco was entirely Cowboys/Rangers (the people, not the sports teams) themed. Due to the proximity to Fox Theatre, this hotel featured a music and live show theme. I wish I would have taken more photos, but the lobby was awesome.

Who doesn't want an audience above their bed?

Who doesn’t want an audience above their bed?

Another great part of visiting Atlanta is catching up with a former road warrior from my tour last year. She’s hilarious and always provides for great conversation. It didn’t hurt that I also got a bit of a sunburn in Atlanta. Though, I still take issue with it being 90 degrees in October. What is that?

We packed up our second-to-last half marathon and flew into a Tropical Storm Warning that was taking over New Orleans. Thank goodness that meteorologists are wrong 85% of the time, and the weather in New Orleans was better than any other time I’ve been there. Again, more tan lines in October. It was awesome.

I love the Roosevelt Hotel. I cannot say that enough. We stay there every time we travel to the Big Easy, and this time my room was even better than before. A two room, two bath suite. Cha-ching.

Can I just move here already?

Can I just move here already?

The first bit of business upon waking up from the most glorious night of sleep ever, breakfast at Cafe du Monde. Somehow, my boss had never been. We popped his beignet and cafe au lait cherry, on a glorious, sunny, music-filled morning. No joke, a street performer played “When the Saints go Marching in” while we avoided getting powdered sugar on our jeans. If you’ve never been, this video gives you some idea of how perfect breakfast at Cafe du Monde can be.

Bourbon St. in the daytime.

Bourbon St. in the daytime.

After a failed attempt to stalk Channing Tatum (who is currently filming 22 Jump St. in NOLA) by going to his new bar Saints & Sinners, only to find that it was closed the two nights we were in town… ugh… we dried our tears and walked bar to bar in the French Quarter. Dear Channing, we’ll be back. Specifically December 27-January 4. Is it too much to ask that you’re on your own dance floor let’s say Monday, December 30 for Madam Mondays? Thanks.

This whirlwind trip wasn’t over yet. Next stop: Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville meant catching up with the Tailgate Tour, and our former intern who writes this awesome travel blog: Romping and Roving. After getting weird at 4th St. Live until the wee hours of the morning, it was time for the tour to continue and for us to get ready for our two remaining events in Kentucky.

We had a free morning, so it was decided we would spend it making beautiful pieces of art at one of my favorite places – Lousiville Glassworks.

My Glassworks project.

My Glassworks project.

From Louisville, we had just one last stop left on this beast of a trip. Lexington, KY. I was amped to check out the horse racing upon our arrival in the horse capitol of the US (or is it world? it’s probably world…). Some of the greatest jockeys in the country were competing for the $400,000 stakes race. Kentucky Derby winners, Breeder’s Cup winners… you name it, they were there racing. I was like a kid on Christmas morning. After finding a seat and reviewing the program, we placed our bets. AND I WON!!! I won $50!!! I don’t know if it was the sunshine, the horses, the cash in my pocket or the Keeneland Breezes I was drinking (it was definitely the Keeneland Breezes), but I felt like a brand new woman! I was ready to take on Lexington!

It's just so majestic.

It’s just so majestic.

A day at the races was exactly what I needed to re-energize before the last event of the trip. I had exactly two days back in Chicago before my parents came to visit. It was time to clean, do laundry, sleep and plan a long weekend full of tourist activities.

I had no idea what I was in for to round out the rest of Rock-tober. All I knew was that the first two weeks were awesome, exhausting and a great kickoff to my second favorite month of the year (sorry October, No-Shave November will always be #1 in my heart).


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