I Left my Heart in Lexington, KY

You may remember that last year I wrote a love letter to Utah. I’ve been a lot of places since then, and none have had quite the same effect on me, until now.

To the city of Lexington, Kentucky:

I miss you. It’s been almost a month since my last visit and I still think about you regularly. I’m always wondering when I’ll make it back to see your luscious green horse pastures, taste your sweet bourbon and whiskey, and eat at your simply delicious restaurants. You surprised me every time I was fortunate to visit, which has been quite a few times over the past few months.

From your beautiful culture and love for horses, to your diners and dives, I will always have a special place in my heart for you. Lex, (do you mind if I call you that? I feel like we’re close enough for pet-names…) what surprised me most about you was your bar and restaurant scene. Each and every establishment has a unique menu, vibe and clientele. I’m sorry that I ever underestimated you, I now know you deserved so much more than I gave you credit for. I’m glad that you’ve remained a hidden gem and that you have not been damaged by demand of becoming a bigger city. You’ve stayed true to your roots and because of that, the people in the city are as unique as you are. Sure, there are also a lot of homeless people, meth addicts and criminals… but what outweighs their presence is your overwhelming amount of well-dressed, educated, interesting and kind people.

Let’s just talk about the men for a minute, shall we? Beards, suspenders, vests, elbow patches and amazing shoes are just as commonplace as a pair of jeans. I fell in love every five minutes. Maybe it was because of the concerts I was working at, Avett Brothers and Zac Brown Band, but I’d like to think people are always well-dressed there, Lexy. When I visited Keeneland, I was blown away by not only by the grandeur and the bourbon, but also the amazingly stylish outfits people were wearing for a day at the races.

Lastly, the meals I devoured at Shakespeare, Saul Good, Tolly-Ho and other restaurants will be remembered forever. Shakespeare will easily take the title of as one of my favorite restaurants in the country. The atmosphere, the decor, the dessert… I could eat there every day and never be bored.

Lex-lex, I hope to see you again soon. Until I can be in your embrace again, I will think of you fondly and miss you very much.

Love always, Lissa. 



Avett Brothers

Avett Brothers

Tolly-Ho's Ho Mart

Tolly-Ho’s Ho Mart

Zac Brown Band.

Zac Brown Band.


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