Hoosier Daddy?!?!

I’ve been spending too much time in the Hoosier state, mostly in Indianapolis. In case my two trips in two months wasn’t enough, I’ll be back in March for the Big Ten Basketball Tournament. Fortunately, I’ve been exploring this city with some great company.

The first of the trips to the luxurious and exciting city was to work at the Big Ten Football Championship. This event is always a good time, mostly because it’s one of few events that I get to attend that features my college conference. This year was a particularly fun trip, mostly due to having a PIC (Shan Shan – writer of Romping & Roving)by my side, but also because of the entire group we had with us.

big ten good works

Refurbishing a park in Indy

big ten ff

Big Ten Fan Fest










The highlight of the weekend (aside from watching OSU lose!) was meeting up with some coworkers from Atlanta and enjoying the taping of ESPN’s College GameDay from backstage. Sure, we couldn’t feel our feet and our faces were numb from the negative temps, but it was still a new experience and a lot of fun for our team.

game day

On the set withe GameDay crew

After returning to the warmth and comfort of the indoor Big Ten Fan Fest, we rooted on Michigan State during the pep rallies and eventually to a victory at Lucas Oil Field.

big ten game

This trip was just a prelude to the fun we would eventually have in this city in January…

Once the dust settled from the holidays and the Sugar Bowl (posts to come…), we packed up our bags and hit the road for Indy once more.

My whip for the weekend.

My whip for the weekend. Photo courtesy of Shannon.

The particular trip was for the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) annual convention. AKA 8,000 football coaches in one city. Sorry to our male coworker (pictured above) who had to listen to us all week…

But in all seriousness, 8,000 coaches were in one place at the same time. I was overwhelmed. Thankfully, 6,500 of them were over the age of 40 and married. And about another 1,000 of them were under the age of 40, southern and married. So that left us with about 500 who were actually our age and single. And by our count, we were the only 2 females in a 5 mile radius. The odds were ever in our favor…

Until we met this guy.

Creeper Alert!

Creeper Alert!

Yeah, he didn’t really leave our sides… Though we laughed so hard it was hard to finish our cocktails (Chris had him going that he was a GA from Alabama…), it limited our options on conversation with coaches our own age.

After a successful few days at the convention, we packed up and headed our separate ways… Chris back to North Carolina, Shannon back to Michigan and me back to Chicago. It was a fun final trip with these two and I’m sorry we had to say goodbye (for now).


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