B1G Hoops, Hopes and Hockey

Wow, has it really been two months since I last wrote? WHOOPS.

I really haven’t been traveling as much, which is the reason behind the absence. That, and I have been preparing for our crazy run at the NCAA spring championships. You know what happens before that, though? Conference tournaments. I love that I get to work at the Big Ten tournament every year just because of my location, because it means I get to cheer for my Gophers!


The excitement of March Madness Mayhem is unavoidable, even for the fans of the little Big Ten schools that have very little hope of progressing far into the tournament. But this one weekend in March, all of the fans cling to that hope and cheer for their teams. Though this conference is not considered the best in the NCAA, Michigan State and Michigan played well and added to the little conference that could. Plus, Wisconsin (….still better dead than red…) are in the Final Four. This will be the only time I ever cheer for the Badgers. Ever. And let’s not forget that the Gophers are playing in the NIT Championship Game tomorrow night (#RaiseTheGarden #SkiUMah)! Sure, it’s not Dallas, but we’ll take it.

March is On

Michigan State won the B1G Tourney, and our time in Indianapolis was coming to close. Not before we had one night out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day properly. And man did we both pay for it the next morning. Brutal.

While this is all fun and good, let’s get to the real excitement of my month… the B1G Hockey Tournament (aka a trip to the Motherland…) and eventual Gopher Hockey run to the Frozen Four (another tournament I will be attending soon)! Like any good Minnesotan, I love hockey. Which also means, I hate that they split up the best conference in college hockey, thus ruining the greatest college hockey tournament – the WCHA Final Five. The B1G Hockey Tournament just didn’t compare. And when the Gophers fell apart against the Buckeyes, that helped no one. The crowd for the championship was near silent, and the stadium felt empty. BRING BACK THE WCHA!!!!

A trip home wouldn’t be complete without visiting some of my besties, and a night out at the Wild Onion in St. Paul. Following the tournament I was lucky enough to catch my friend play lacrosse against the team he used to play for (and I used to work for) and spend the afternoon with friends before my flight back to Chicago.

laxlax 2lax 3




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