I blame my parents for my feeling of fernweh (a crave for travel; homesick for a place you’ve never been). We camped all over the U.S. (literally… Grand Canyon, Black Hills, Yellowstone…) when I was a little kid, then took vacations to Florida, Arizona, California, Texas, Mexico and the Cayman Islands in my teens. It sparked an interest in travel. After deciding to take time off from college, I saved money and with 4 friends we booked a trip to Europe. We only booked flights – England, Ireland, Scotland and Germany and found places to stay along the way. Since then I’ve been back to Mexico, went to Vegas for the first time and began to travel for work.

Two years ago, I decided to take a risk. I quit my full-time job to take a 6 month contract, driving around the U.S. to combine my wanderlust and my career. I worked on a College Football Tailgate Tour – over 20 games. We started with 6 weeks of living and training in the Charlotte, NC area before we traded in our addresses for license plates and hotel rooms. Great risks lead to great rewards, and I was hired to stay on full-time. I moved to Chicago for two years, and continued to travel the US.

Now, after about 3 years of life on the road, I’ve moved back to Minnesota. My wanderlust hasn’t dissipated though, don’t fret! My job still provides me with great opportunities to travel, and I finally have the free time to travel for fun!


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