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That time I pet a rhino.

Hidden in the forests on the Florida-Georgia Line (the real one, not the one that wears sparkly skinny jeans) lies a beautiful facility called White Oak Conservation Center. This 13,000 acre facility is home to some of the most endangered … Continue reading

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Great Lakes and Great Friends.

After returning from Germany, and immediately going to Florence and The Machine, I packed my bags again and boarded a flight to Buffalo, NY. If I’m being honest, Buffalo is not a destination I ever imagined traveling to – but … Continue reading

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Where Unforgettable Happens

Disney’s new tagline seemed appropriate for a title on a post about a fun trip to Florida. I visited Orlando for a convention this winter, and we were able to go to Disney World for a discount. Before our trip … Continue reading

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The Reunion Tour

    After nearly a year away, I decided it was time to reunite with the place I called home for two years – Chicago. I miss my friends there daily, and it was time to use some miles and … Continue reading

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The C-Word

…And I don’t mean C U Next Tuesday. I had the extraordinary experience of traveling solo in the PNW. I extended a work trip into a #workcation and rented an Airbnb in Washougal, WA.¬†Why Washougal? It’s the perfect distance between … Continue reading

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2 Years Later

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I wrote. It is truly amazing how fast life moves, and changes. I’ve changed jobs (and careers altogether) and moved back to Minneapolis. It’s not something I imagined doing, but the … Continue reading

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6 Helpful Tips For Interacting With Minnesotans

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
How I Met Your Mother 1. Be nice The most notable stereotypical characteristic of Minnesotans is the attitude of “Minnesota nice”– being friendly and courteous when interacting with others. In order to successfully interact with…

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